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New release - Master Tour 15.5.

is already being received by tour operators.
What's new in the release?

First customers got
the new release of

03/13/2020 we officially released the long-awaited release of the Master Tour 15.5. The first customers are already receiving this release and are being updated.

Release 15.5 includes many improvements aimed primarily at optimizing the system, improving logic, and new features. We have improved the interaction with suppliers in dynamic packaging, made a search for tours in the nights of accommodation, added information about discounts and promotions in the search, basket and in your agent's personal account! Now airfare is available for displaying fare families.

We will find out how the updated Master Tour 15.5 will show itself in real conditions in the near future. We are going to observe the results of our customers and will cover the data received. Follow the news!

The total number of changes and improvements exceeds 100!
The main advantage of the Master Tour version 15 is convenience and efficiency. With the new version of the software, tour operators are able to create multiple product times and increase sales accordingly. Due to what? Thanks to the new dynamic pricing architecture, a significant saving in time for product publication. Now all changes in prices, margins, inclusion of shares takes minutes, not hours and days, as in old versions or on other software.

The arsenal of tour operators working on version 15 also includes the latest technology of dynamic packaging (GDS tours), which allows you to add more product and sell it automatically without additional tariffing agents and managers.
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