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Cloud Master-Tour

Great solution for small tour operators.
No server and maintenance costs. Flexible rates and quick start!
Cloud Master-Tour
We will allocate the hardware, train your team and run sales with you.
Engage in sales, we will take care of the rest!
What are the benefits?
No equipment costs!
You do not need your own servers! We provide computing power in our cloud, you do not pay for it!
No staff costs!
You do not need expensive staff to support and configure the solution. We do everything for you!
The most advanced software!
You always have the latest version of the software package. We update and make backups.
The ability to scale.
Connect Dynamic packaging - create more product with online booking of airline tickets and hotels!
Fast start.
We will configure, train you and launch sales with you.
Attractive price.
Several rates, discounts when paying in advance.
Minimum monthly payment.
What does search and booking look like?
Cloud Master-Tour
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How much is?
Prices are very affordable! Send us a request through the form above, we will send you a commercial offer in response.
What are the limitations?
Currently, there are limits on the number of visitors per month in tariffs; there is no way to work with comparison services. There will be no API for developing your own site functionality. If you need this functionality - let us know.
What CMS is there integration with?
There are no restrictions - choose any for your main page and other static pages of your web site. Integration with the Master-Tour takes place through an adaptive search form. Your client interact with this form from all or some pages (where you set form) and after redirects to the search results page he goes to the cloud based UI of Mater-Tour (your instance of it in our cloud). We recommended TILDA CMS for static pages. We will help you create your website based on it.