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Master-Tour 15

Modern design, new architecture includes both dynamic pricing and packaging. Integration with air and hotel GDS. Take your business to a new level of sales! Automation of sending tour operators.
Dynamic pricing and packaging.
High performance with less resource consumption.
08/07/2020 we have released a new release of Master Tour 15.6. This is the second major release in 2020. We continued what we started in 15.5 by speeding up applications, adding new designs, improving resilience, and tweaking the scalability of services. Over 100 improvements in the release!
Alexander Galinovsky
CEO Megatec
Version 15.6.
What new in this release of master-Tour?
Modern design
A new search design has been developed with an improved interface, a convenient and modern search for tours and separate flights. It also implements the work with the basket, booking, searching for external hotels and air tickets.
Extended search API
Added the ability to display detailed information about services in the tour to the API for returning prices to search engines. It is regulated by the settings in the search service configuration file.
Tour search
Added the ability to work with the days of provision of non-routing services, as well as the ability to set the duration for non-system routing services and it will be taken into account when building a route. The day of provision and duration are set in the parameters for the provision of services.
Dynamic packaging
Many optimizations and improvements, acceleration of services.
Bus tours
Added processing of pick-up points on the return bus crossing. The search selects the cheapest option, and the basket contains a choice of pick-up points for the return bus crossing.
A new caching mechanism has been implemented, which will allow you to work more correctly with cached data. Also, this mechanism allows you to use multi-threaded processing of data updates.
* Work has been done to improve the security of the system. As part of these works, a mechanism was implemented that allows all services and applications to work with a minimum set of rights for the user from whom they will be launched;
* Added the ability to send errors to the administrator's mail at the time of their occurrence in any application of the system.
Improvements and fixes
over 100 fixes and improvements in the release.
Our advantages
Dynamic pricing
Instead of spending hours calculating and putting up for sale, just check the "Publish" checkbox and new prices will be on your site.
Dynamic packages
We add hotels and flights to the package "on the fly". Actual prices without preloading prices and quotas.
GDS integrations
Add flights from external GDS and booking systems to the tour.
Auto update prices and quotas
The process of downloading prices for placements is fully automated. Getting stops, quotas from partners (hotels, DMC, wholesaler, hotelbank). Integration using the MIS module.
Your database takes 5 times less space with the same volume of product. The load from online modules does not affect the work with the application database.
Accounting and Finance
A complete module for accounting orders, finance module. Full control over sales. Compliance with the law.
Detailed information
Key system features.
Online sales
  • A large number of additional search criteria for all basic services on the tour;
  • The basket allows you to change any services within the tour program, add new services. Online price change;
  • Booking flights from external GDS systems directly in the basket;
  • Display of schemes of vehicles in places with the possibility of choosing a place when booking;
  • User's personal account with the ability to print a full package of documents and pay for a booked tour;
  • Loyalty programs (bonus programs) for your customers;
  • Payment by bank cards using gateways: Sberbank, Alfabank, Tinkoff, Apex, Uniteller, etc.
  • API - create / or use your own web site;
  • Work through API with meta searche services - SLETAT, TRAVELATA and etc;
  • Integration with CRM systems: AMO CRM, Bitrix CRM.
Tourism Product Formation
  • Creation of tour programs of any complexity, from simple "beach" programs, to complex excursion programs, programs with accommodation at several hotels, complex flights, bus transfers and transfers;
  • Quick entry of contract prices, open source software, quotas, both in automatic and semi-automatic modes, using the convenient mechanism for importing prices and quotas;
  • Instant publication of new open source software on the site;
  • Instant change of current selling prices, using a flexible mechanism of stocks, margins and surcharges;
  • Reduce time spent on price management by defining a set of pricing rules.
Work with orders
  • Registration of any number of tourists for any tour in one or more tourist applications
  • Cancellation of orders withholding penalties;
  • Control of paperwork for visas and deadlines for clients to submit documents to the consulate;
  • Generation of questionnaires for embassies based on data entered by customers online;
  • Auto mailing to travel agencies and tourists by e-mail when certain events occur;
  • Printing a package of necessary documents: vouchers, lists of tourists, vouchers, lists at embassies, financial reporting forms, etc .;
  • Creation of new profiles for embassies, editing and printing, including delegation to agents, as a service in your personal account;
  • Permission to print the necessary documents to the agency from his personal account on the site of the tour operator;
  • Quick delivery of documents using barcodes and a scanner;
  • Automatic entry of tourists data using passport scanners.
B2B module - work with agencies
  • Control of information on contracts and deadlines;
  • Service of messages and warnings when working with agencies;
  • Flexible system for creating rules for calculating the commission to the agency;
  • Quoting services, including tracking downloads of any services that make up the tour, which eliminates the possibility of resale;
  • Work with stop sales;
  • For the service, accommodation is the possibility of establishing quotas of various types: quotas for a specific number, for arrival, for duration. You can set quotas for specific partners.
Accounting and finance
  • Mutual settlements with customers and partners;
  • Payment control for tours;
  • Assessment of the financial condition of the company;
  • Deposit management;
  • Making payments at the exchange rate on the date of application creation, date of payment, or date of confirmation of the application;
  • Integration with accounting programs (1C Accounting);
  • Accounting for company data on financial guarantees.
Stages of development
The 15th version of the Master-Tour is modern technology and 25 years of experience in the field of automation of tour operators.
Release MT 15.6
Modern design
Release MT 15.5
Service Optimization
50% increase in software performance
dynamic packaging development
Release MT 15.4
Development of proprietary dynamic packaging platform

Release MT 15.3
Performance improvement
Online Sales Module Development
Updating prices in the basket
Booking tickets in GDS
Release MT 15.2
Import Module (MIS) more templates
Extended online payment options
Improving the online booking module
Release MT 15.1
2 times faster search
PC stabilization Master Tour
Many improvements
launch of Master Tour 15
Dynamic pricing
The product has become more affordable due to the rental model.