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Master-Tour 15.6
New release!

Brand new design! Speed and scalability.

Master-Tour 15.6
what's new?

07-08-2020 we have released a new release of Master-Tour 15.6! It is already available to customers for support.

Major improvements:

* new design of the Master Tour! We have rethought and improved the interfaces, made it convenient and modern to search for tours, bookings, work with the basket, including search from external systems (hotels) and airline tickets;
* new caching mechanism - speeds up the work of search systems, reduces resource consumption;
* a new quota mechanism - now, when working with quotas, the search will not slow down, it was possible to do this due to the parallelization of processes;
* added the ability to work with the days of service provision;
* for bus tours, processing of return bus crossing embarkation points and options for bus routes in the basket have been added;
* the API added the display of detailed information about services in the tour (for search engines);
* over 100 improvements, including bug fixes.

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