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How to increase sales and turn technology into a competitive advantage

Experience using the Master-Tour 15.
How to increase sales and turn technology into a competitive advantage
Times are changing, and with them approaches to the formation and sales of tourism products are changing. Now the success of sales depends on the competent use of modern technology. Tour operators working on new products of MEGATEC company told how to increase sales and turn technologies into a competitive advantage.

Tour operators who already use the PC Master-Tour 15 (latest release 15.4) in their work said that the software exceeded their expectations. Now, according to experts, it has become much easier to exhibit and sell the product, sales volumes have grown significantly, including due to the ability to create more products, "experts say.
We got a positive effect as a result of the transition to a new version of Master-Tour 15. Within a couple of months, we increased the amount of tourism product by 3 times which we could not achieve before due to the limitations of the pre-calculation model of previous version. Now we have about 7 000 0000 daily prices, and ~ 800 tours. Sales show growth of 37% .- said the representative of the company "Mercury" from St. Petersburg.
Sales in Click voyage have also increased, including due to the fact that the new version of Master Tour 15.4 allows you to create more product and put it on sale faster.
The database now has more than 200 million contract prices. With such volumes, the setting of new seasonal prices in Bali is about 200 hotels, this is about ~ 3 million of final price options, the whole process took 15 minutes! " said in Click Voyage.
The travel company Solvex, in turn, also drew attention to the speed and convenience of setting up tours in the system.
The new Master Tour 15 is built on a different principle than the old versions or other software. The modularity of the platform allows you to distribute search services and filter calculation services to different servers - as a result, updating prices, promo, sales and other actions in all directions takes seconds, "said SOLVEX.
Havana Tour and the Caribbean Club expressed similar views with colleagues.
"In the new version, it has become much easier and faster to set prices: everything is immediately" thrown out "online. This greatly facilitates our work, "said Natalya Furaeva, representative of the Havana Tour tour operator.
They significantly facilitated their work after switching to the new version of "Master-Tour" 15.4 and in the company of 1 000 roads. The company noticed that the new version of the software completely closed the issue of calculating price offers. Everything that was previously considered and put up online in 1-2 days is now put up for a maximum of a couple of hours, and this taking into account import prices and tour compilation.
"Publishing prices online is top notch. Unit prices within 30 seconds, as stated by the developer, more voluminous price blocks - 5-10 minutes. It is convenient to make surcharges when forming tours, a huge plus that you can import a file. Separately, you can highlight the stock module. Conveniently, you can turn them off at any time and return to contract prices. The fact that different types of shares can interact with each other can also be attributed to positive aspects. The MIS import module is convenient to use, and I really like the fact that you can add a template to it for almost any price if it is not on the MEGATEC company list, "the company said 1000 roads.
With great enthusiasm about the experience of implementation and operation of version 15.4, Pavel Pratsukevich, founder of Aerotravel, spoke out. According to him, the use of the new version of the PC "Master Tour" 15.4 allowed to significantly speed up the calculation of tours and putting online.
"As a result, we calculate more destinations, more variations of tours - flights on regular flights, different transfer options, etc., we manage to make a significantly larger number of special offers. Moreover, if earlier two people were involved in the calculations, now one employee is dealing with them. Naturally, speeding up the calculation of tours and putting online made it possible to save on a staff, "said Pavel Pratsukevich.

The expert also noted that was improved search results page. "Now on the page travel agents see photos and descriptions of placements, it is very convenient" said Mr. Pratsukevich.
As for the implementation of the new software package, according to Mr. Pratsukevich, the transition was quick and painless. "It took half a day to transfer and reinstall, a few days to learn, plus questions in the process. In general, everything is clear and intuitive, "says the expert.
Svetlana Zemtseva, director of Rosintur, also drew attention to the ease of transition to the new version of the PC "Master-Tour" 15.4. "We did not experience any difficulties with the transition, but the results have already exceeded our expectations," the expert noted.
The main advantage of the Master-Tour 15 is convenience and efficiency. With the new version of the software, tour operators are able to create more product and increase sales accordingly. Due to what? Thanks to the new dynamic pricing architecture, a significant saving in time for product publication. Now all changes in prices, margins, promo - takes minutes, not hours and days, as in old versions or on other software.

In the arsenal of tour operators working on version 15, the latest dynamic packaging technology has also appeared, which allows you to add more product and sell it automatically without additional staff.
"Flights and hotels from GDS and hotel banks - all online and with confirmation. We are ready to help customers make such offers so that they can evaluate their work. "- Vladislav Shevtsov, Director of Commerce and Development, MEGATEC.
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