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New release
Master-Tour 15.8

From 03/15/2022 available for installation.
What's new in the release?
We have completed the development of the functionality of the Master-Tour 15.8 version and are ready to provide the release to all customers for support.

Main changes in release 15.8:

The following dictionaries have been transferred to the web interface:
- Room categories
- Air fares
- Airports
- Air travel
- Service classes
- Types of tours
- Room types
- Food types
- Accommodation types
- Service statuses
- Ticket statuses
- Document statuses
- Transport
- Insurances
- Visas
- Documents for visa
- Railway transfers

This work has been carried out since release 15.4 and is aimed at moving away from working through separate Windows applications to a full-fledged work mode through the web interface. This will reduce the cost of equipment and software, as well as have greater flexibility in working with the Master-Tour. As part of these works, we have improved the visual display of directories, which will favorably affect the convenience of work;
- Implemented vertical display of filters in Canary at the stage of searching for tours (by setting);
- We developed a new PaymentService service that allows you to make payments in the Master-Tour PC;
- A new class of services has appeared: railway transfers. The corresponding directory is added to the web interface;
- Added a dark theme for the Canary web interface (including mobile version);
- Renewed the mechanism for checking the duplication of tourists (for TourSearchClient, Canary and Checkout clients);
- In TourPrograms added the ability to view the user's recent activities (pages visited with search data on them);
- Added the function of converting hotel photos to .webp format. which will reduce traffic and speed up the loading of pages with search results.
Other news