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Anti-crisis offer for tour operators.

Software developers and tour operators together.

Anti-crisis offer for tour operators.

The time has come for tourism and we, as software developers, feel this to the fullest. We are sure that together we will manage and overcome this crisis. And now is the time to redouble our efforts, to make the product more efficient, our offer to tour operators is more interesting. Despite all the financial difficulties for the period from 01.04.2020 to 01.08.2020, we cancel:

- all payments for installation of software and additional modules for Master Tour 15;
- all payments for additional modules for maintenance already using them;
- tuition fees for customers on support;
- we will provide additional modules for Master Tour 15 to everyone who wants to use them for free.

Which modules:
- Integration gateways: Cyberlogic, Sejour, ProTour, Eurotours, TravelLine, SAMO-incoming and others;
- Payment gateways: Sberbank, Uniteller, Alfa-Bank, Appex, Pay.Travel, Contact, WebPay, BelAsist;
- GDS modules (dinopack) - airline tickets, hotel: iTravex, Restel, Desert. Connection and monthly maintenance fees are canceled, transaction payments remain.

For all customers on support - we will automatically cancel payments from 04/01/2020. All clients who want to receive these modules for free - contact your curator or leave a request through the form below.

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