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Master-tour 15.7.

What new in this release?
04/12/2021 we have released another release of the Master-Tour 15.7 software package. This release is a direct continuation of releases 15.4 - 15.6. We spent a lot of time optimizing the work of the code - we accelerated the system and optimized resource consumption. Along the way, we made many fixes in the dynamic packaging modules, performed a lot of work related to the improvements requested by clients.
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Major changes in release 15.7:

  • TourPrograms has a new main menu;
  • The cache service for stocks has been moved to the MasterTourService (now it does not need to be installed separately);
  • Now no need to make comparison of aircraft types for flights from GDS;
  • Added ability to set type of view of search results by default (blocks, list, map) available at Canary only;
  • Added option to show currency in search results;
  • Added the ability to set an additional filter that will be opened by default when searching for tours and searching for air tickets (available only for Canary);
  • Added the ability for excursion tours in the search results to receive tour pictures instead of hotel pictures (available only for Canary, configured in the tour parameters);
  • Redesigned Canary search and cart design, improved UX;
  • Updated the general settings screen in the tour program;
  • The following references have been rewritten to the web interface:
    • Countries
    • Currencies
    • Currency rates
    • Sources of advertising
    • Reasons for discounts
    • Cancellation reasons
    • + more than 100 fixes and bug fixes.
It's time to upgrade to the new version of Master Tour 15.7!
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