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Our products use more than 800 companies in 23 countries

Since 1996, MEGATEK has been a leader in the software market for travel companies in Russia and the CIS.
Automation of tour operators is our core competency. Since 1996, we have successfully implemented our products in travel companies in Russia, the CIS and other countries. During this time, we have automated thousands of customers.

The accumulated experience and expertise allow us to maintain a leading position in the market of software for tour operators. Our products are developed according to the trends of the time and the needs of customers.

Alexander Galinovskiy
Our news
Our products
Best solutions for automate whole of business processes of tour operating companies and DMC.
for outgoing tour operators
  • Add and manage travel programs
  • Dynamic pricing and packaging
  • Website, API (work with meta searches)
  • Quotas and sales control
  • Private area for agents
  • Finance, accounting and reporting
and many more ...
for incoming tour operators (DMC)
  • Inventory management
  • Website
  • Accounts and settlements
  • Statistics and Administration
  • Integration with outgoing tour operators
  • Fully integrarted with Master-Tour
and many more ..
    Our services
    In addition to software development, we provide services and training.
    Cloud services
    We provide hosting services in the our cloud. Web site and search services working with your database.
    Our services
    We provide support, advice, assistance in the work, including the introduction of contracts and tariffs.
    We train your employees, improve their skills to work effectively with the PC Master-Tour and Master-Interlook.
    Our professionals
    We will help you to automate all routine of your business and bring it to the higher level!
    • Alexander Galinovskiy
      CEO Megatec.
      An expert with over 30 years of experience in tourism.
    • Vladislav Shevtsov
      Commerce and development director.
      An expert with over 15 years of experience in tourism.